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Critical Meals for The Day
By: Gudrun Oliver

Critical meals for the day!

It’s strange how you can travel through the day, virtually not needing to eat at all, and then suddenly; BOOM! It hits you! The afternoon munchies, the sugar craving, that little “snack” to get you through until dinner!

We commonly chat to successful people who are also very busy, they forget to eat or simply are not hungry and can travel through the day with virtually no fuel in their system.

Alternatively some people eat their breakfast & lunch but are still starving when it comes to dinner.

If this sounds like you, then read on:

Generally speaking, if you are waiting until you are hungry until you eat, then it may be too late! There is a tendency to overeat to compensate for the deficit you have created. The only problem is that your body has adjusted and cannot process all of those nutrients at once.

All of a sudden 4pm hits and you literally lunge for whatever is there; choc chip cookies, muffins, picnic bars, glass of wine….sound familiar?

An easy way to safeguard yourself is to have some morning tea. A simple, yet effective strategy. As you have already supplied your body with adequate fuel, the afternoon does not present a massive hole in your stomach!

Try these suggestions:

1) 30-50g raw Almonds
2) small tin of canned Mackerel
3) 2 corn thins with lite Philadelphia & cucumber

Make sure you continually eat good wholesome foods!
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Added: 19-07-2011