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Do I Walk or Run To Burn Fat
By: Gudrun Oliver

Do I walk or run to burn fat? Seldom, do I encounter situations when talking with people where they are completely satisfied with their body; however this statement is the basis for a separate Peakology altogether! Interestingly enough, the topic in more than 95% of situations extends back to how to “Lose me beer gut”, “get rid of that roll over the jeans” or “reduce those chunky legs”! Basically people are looking to lose body fat and lose it fast! Popular diets will have us believe that their method is the only way to shed excess kilos, like a magic bullet that, regardless of the situation will produce outstanding results. Those of us that have seen ‘the light’ understand that simply diet alone will not produce what we are looking for. So we add activity and exercise! ‘Great, you want to burn fat, but what is the best way to do it?’ Popular exercise wall charts will have us understand that if we are exercising at lower heart rates and lower levels of intensity that we are just simply melting fat away! Similarly, as our exercise level of intensity increases so to does our cardiovascular demand and consequently our fitness increases. Whilst this theory is in some ways correct, in many ways it fails to give an understanding as to the process that occurs. To put it very simply, while you are exercising, your fuel source will be from fat and carbohydrate stores. When you are walking, the percentage of fat burned is proportionally (as opposed to the fuel you burn from carbohydrates) greater. However, although you are burning a greater percentage of fat as a fuel source (as opposed to carbohydrates), the total amount of fat burned may actually be less (as a total amount), due to the amount of total calories burned. Training tips: 1) Always keep in mind that lower intensity means that you need to exercise for a longer duration. 2) As you increase the intensity (effort you put in) you need to adequately fuel your body. More Intensity means more fuel burned. So, do we walk or run to burn body fat? If we use walking as a metaphor for lower intensity activity and running as a metaphor for more intense activity, then you can see that higher intensity activity will ultimately burn more fat. However keep in mind that exercising for a longer duration may also produce the results we are after. The conclusion therefore, is to have periods of both in your training. To expand, if you have 4 sessions of cardiovascular exercise in your weekly fitness regime, alternate between low and high intensities. For example, on Monday and Thursday try a 30 – 40 minute run/jog and on Wednesday and Friday go for an hour long walk. This should see you getting all the diversity that your body needs to lose fat. Peak Physique Personal Training – Brisbane – Australia Suite 310/421 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, 4006 P - 0412-999-656 E – F – 07 3254-1996 W –

Added: 19-07-2011