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Strange Movements in the Gym
By: Gudrun Oliver

Strange Movements in the gym!


Whilst in the gym, you may recognise (and many times performed yourself) what may be a strange looking strength exercise.  Now, let me clarify.  When I say strange, I am referring to “unconventional” or different to what most do!


When you are training with one of the Peak trainers, you often find yourself; pulling something with one arm, lifting a dumbell with another, and squatting on a BOSU in between.  Clients often say to me “this is another ‘Brad’ Exercise, or another ‘Peak’ exercise.  Milseys client Warwick described a session, when he simply said: “Miles made me jump through hoops again last Tuesday” when referring to the different movements they used!


But do not despair; there is method to our madness!


First, let me clarify the difference between “Functional Strength Training” and “Bodybuilding style strength training”.  To put it simply, functional training is aimed at the body working as a whole; it is concerned with movements instead of muscles and generally mimics movements that are essential to everyday life.  Bodybuilding style training is a bit different as it is primarily focused on developing specific muscles.


Now don’t mistake me, there is nothing wrong with wanting better shaped thighs, bigger biceps or striated pec’s.  However, when we look at the sport of bodybuilding we see that all that is needed to be successful is to get onstage and selectively spasm different muscles, and the person with the greatest smile, best tan, nicest hair-do and of course most balanced muscles is usually the winner!


The bodybuilding industry virtually pioneered most gym equipment that you see these days.  The downside here is that with machine based training, you do the majority of your exercises on a machine that is bolted to the floor, and requires little (if any) Stabilisation from you, or your assisting muscle groups.


Yes, we do use machines with our training at Peak Physique, but you will notice that they are interspersed with (as they are called) more functional exercises including; single arm lifts, lunging presses and inverted body pulls.


Be aware that when you are trained, your exercises are geared towards improving YOUR function and improving the way your muscles move to improve YOUR posture, strength and of course – longevity.


So the next time you find yourself do a “strange” exercise, you will know exactly what it is for!







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