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Supersize me
By: Gudrun Oliver

Supersize Issues!


Seldom, ladies & gentlemen dose a movie come along that directly impacts the corporate giants and especially the golden arches!


“Supersize Me” is a movie / documentary that has one individual taking himself on a real life experiment – with himself as the subject!  The process is simple;

1)            every meal that is consumed in a month must be purchased over the counter at McDonalds

2)            Every time his is “suggestive sold” into a super size option – he must accept!

3)            He must have 3 square meals  / day


The story unravels as a very interesting, funny and potentially scary story for many; with health associated changes including increased bodyweight by 12kg, liver function blood tests going through the roof and not to forget the mood swings!


The underlying issue here is that he is simply consuming too many calories for what he is expending.  In addition to this the distribution of nutrients is completely unbalanced including:

µ Too much sugar

µ Too much saturated fat

µ Too many calories

µ Too little activity


It’s amazing, but people are literally doing this to themselves everyday! Maybe not at McDonalds, but just simply with their “normal” eating & activity plan.  McDonalds just shows how you can accelerate the process!


Could you eat McDonalds occasionally as part of a balanced exercise & eating program?  Of course you could!


So, you may not eat McDonalds?  Just remember that the unbalanced nutrient / exercise ratio can happen to anyone.  All of a sudden you look in the mirror and you are 20, 30, 40 kg fatter than you remember your ideal weight to be!


The question is:  Are you prepared to do something about it?


Supersize me is a must see, so pass the message on!


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Added: 26-07-2011