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The Six Pack
By: Gudrun Oliver

Feel like having a six-pack?


There’s nothing quite like them.  Individually, they possess that golden glow!  They are sharp and have an icy-edge to them that gets you excited!  And when you put your mouth to them….oh the sensation!  They sit there, chilled, waiting for you to devour them…yep…with the word “Millers Genuine Draught” stamped on them, you can be assured that you will be kept well satisfied!


That’s right, ladies and gentleman.  There’s no denying that an ice cold beer can’t help put a smile on your face.  Unfortunately for most what started off as a six pack has somehow ended up being a keg?  What’s worse is that the keg has ended up on your stomach!


Now, a six pack and a keg are at different ends of the continuum, I agree. However, the rate of change that your body can make is amazing.  One moment you were in decent shape & your clothes fitted well and the next, well, you were drilling new holes in your belt!  I have personally gained 10kg in a week after competitions, and trust me, this was not muscle!


Its freezing now, but in about 8 weeks we will be lying on (what’s left of) the sand at Noosa beach and wishing that 8 weeks ago we started taking the focus off the six-pack that is chilling in the fridge and onto the six pack that lies on your stomach!  Remember, we all have a six pack of Abdominals, it just hidden better in some!


This is the first article in the abdominal trilogy.  This week you will learn a couple of simple strategies on combating the dreaded keg appearing over these colder weeks:


To Avoid the Keg:


1)            Compensate.  Every time you eat something bad, drink too much beer, Or indulge in anything above and beyond your energy requirements make sure you move more.  That’s right, do an extra session on the spin bike, run the stairs at Kangaroo point another 10 times or go and do a Pump class!  If you are not prepared to do the extra work, don’t eat / drink it!

2)            Change.  Don’t do the same exercise day in & day out.  Ever tried to run on the treadmill backwards, skip with a rope on one foot or do a wall squat for 2 minutes non-stop?  Get some variety in your program.  This is one of the greatest forms of feedback we receive from clients is the wide variety of “stuff” we do with them.  It keeps them excited.

3)            Graze.  Remember to keep eating smaller meals more often.  I just averaged my food out over the last 2 weeks (yes, I still write my food down every day) and I have eaten, on average 9 meals / day.  Adopt this philosophy.  You don’t have to eat 9 meals / day, but take your 2 largest meals & cut them in half. Then space them out.


Stay tuned next week to learn all about your “six-pack” and your “core stability”



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Added: 26-07-2011