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Weight loss & Personal Training in Context
By: Ron Massey




 Ron Massey

 Registered Personal Trainer 






Loosing Weight and Personal Training in Context


12th December 2009


Simply engaging a Personal Trainer will not let you loose weight.

Paying money does not loose weight.


The majority of the work required to achieve weight loss will still lay with you.


A good Personal Trainer is however, possibly on of the best tools you have at your disposal to ensure your efforts are rewarded with results.


Your Trainer should have the skills and resources to advise, monitor, support and motivate you to success.

Some of the skills can be learnt, however some are necessarily personality based and are enhanced by qualities such as age, humor, empathy and experience to name a few.

That is not to suggest that such Trainers are better Trainers or otherwise, but more so, are able to provide motivation and encouragement on a variety of planes to suit individuals’ particular circumstances, needs, insecurities and goals.

Many weight loss issues are linked to a root cause. It could be as simple as “comfort eating,” but it also may not be that simple. An astute Trainer will be cognisant of underlying causes and in as much as is possible and appropriate, provide encouragement and motivation for their client to address those issues as well.


You need to choose your Personal Trainer carefully, particularly where weight loss is a part of, or is the major goal. Your Trainer needs to fit your personality, and their methodology needs to sit comfortably with you.

Trainers all have individual styles. Interview them first.

Personal Training is one of those odd professions where you pay someone to tell you what to do – and the assumption is you will do it – otherwise what’s the point.


Now I want you to understand some simple arithmetic about weight loss.


It is widely accepted that 1kg of fat equates to about 7700 calories.

That is, to burn off a kilo of fat you need to expend 7700 calories over and above what your body normally expends in keeping you alive in your normal lifestyle over a period of time.

That’s a lot of calories! And how much weight do you want to loose?


If you haven’t heard of the term BMR, (Basal metabolic rate) you need to find out now.

Your BMR is the amount of energy (calories) your body consumes in a day keeping you alive in your normal routine, and takes into consideration age, weight, height, sex and activity level.

There are many calculators available on the internet but this link will take you straight to one if you need it:


So what this number means is that if you consume this amount of calories each day you will stay exactly as you are now. If you consume more, you will gain weight. If you consume less you will loose weight. Simple.

Every 7700 calories you go on the down side simplistically looses you a kilo.

Now not wanting to confuse my point, I know there are other things to consider, but they are in the execution, not the arithmetic.


Realistically, there are pretty much only two ways to have less calories in your body each day. One is to exercise, or to expend more calories than you normally do. The other is to consume less calories.


So lets assume you have a Personal Trainer and you train 3 times a week.

Lets say on average in a solid session you consume about 500 calories.

That’s 1500 calories a week  (+ metabolic gain)

Roughly that’s 200 grams weight loss a week – arithmetically.


The point here is that the “Personal Trainer” and the hypothetical 3 sessions a week are not the entire answer to your goal unless you’re happy with that sort of result.


The two stakeholders in this relationship – you and your trainer, need to have a much broader plan and commitment to achieving your goals, and it needs to include:


·     A nutrition plan that is calorie controlled, carb and sugar conscious, that you will enjoy and which will become how you eat even after your goals are achieved. You cannot plan to succeed if there is no plan.

·     An exercise regime (if required or agreed) which is to be carried out in addition to personal training sessions.

·     A clear understanding of the intention and objectives of the Personal Training sessions.

·     A management plan for the things in your life, be they nutritional, social or environmental, which you are not prepared to give up, or can’t altered because they are “you.”

·     A sound reference base for calculating the nutritional and energy expenditure equations.

·     A strong and comprehensive reporting and recording system so that results, including weight, measurement, strength and fitness are monitored and discussed regularly.

·     A commitment to regular review of methods – it is sometimes necessary to make some changes to nutrition and exercise patterns for short periods to extract a benefit.

·     A supportive mentoring commitment from the Trainer including support access outside of training times – the care factor.

·     A determined goal driven commitment from the client, and a commitment to the Trainer to succeed.

·     A written commitment from both Trainer and Client to short term and long term goals. Written is real.

·     A realistic understanding of the timeframe involved in achieving the goals.


If you’re looking to engage a Personal Trainer for weight loss and they don’t want to go to these places, chances are your just going to get a flogging each session with a lot of shouting and end up disappointed.


What you are doing by embarking on this mission is changing the person you are. You have to become a different person if you want to be different. If you go about this as a temporary measure to loose weight, your weight loss will be temporary. It is statistically proven that your best chance of success in this respect is with a Personal Trainer.


But what I started out to say here is that you are still going to have to make this huge effort to get what you want, need and deserve.

Paying for so many hours a week is a great commitment to your goals, so make sure you get your moneys worth. 

Your Trainer can be your best friend and the catalyst for your success if you choose appropriately.


Good Luck


No,,, No such thing exists in weight loss.


Make yourself the Best You Can Be.




Added: 12-12-2009