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Where are the carbohydrates
By: Gudrun Oliver

Where are the carbohydrates?


There is always an endless discussion about Carbohydrates. Based on the feedback from our previous Peakology on Carbohydrates, I can see that many of our readers are pretty hot on the carbohydrate bandwagon!


Now the science is pretty simple.  Carbohydrates are energy food, they supply your brain with vital functioning capabilities, in addition to this they give you body many other vital functions including fiber (and we all know what that is good for).  However it can be suggested that over consumption of Carbohydrates can make you fat!


Interestingly enough many people that I chat with are well aware what carbohydrates are as typical responses include “you mean bread, pasta and rice?”  And the response…is YES…but where are the (hidden) carbohydrates?


In the “Lean Body Challenge’ Course I teach people how to analyze the food they consume, so I will let you in on some useful stuff.


1)         Fruit:   Fruit is a carbohydrate & a simple sugar at that.  Therefore the reaction that most fruit has on the blood sugar is similar to, well, sugar!  Then what do we do?  Stop eating fruit? Absolutely not, just remember to count it in your overall energy value of carbohydrates.  In addition to this ask yourself is your serving/s of fruit giving you longer sustained energy or simple making you hungry?


2)         Milk:   Now, Milk is an interesting one.  Is milk good? YES. Does it have useful protein & Calcium? YES.  Does it have carbohydrates, namely sugars in the form of lactose in LARGER amounts than the protein content? YES.  Does this mean you cut out Milk? NO WAY. Just remember to consider the carbohydrate values, the time of day you are consuming it, how much long sustained energy it is providing.


If you are having trouble keeping great energy levels, controlling your bodyweight, gaining body fat, or feeling really lethargic it may well come down to your carbohydrate consumption and more importantly the hidden carbohydrates.  You may need some help to analyze your daily consumption of carbohydrates, however the results will be amazing.


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Added: 26-07-2011