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Winter Insulation
By: Gudrun Oliver

Winter Insulation


During the colder months of the year, we take various strategies to combat the cold.  Rug ourselves up with jumpers, get in front of a good DVD with the doona over us, stoke up the fire place with a warm Milo; or increase our body fat percentage to create that extra insulation.


Body fat creates insulation did I hear you say? …That’s right!  Generally speaking, body fat is a form of insulation.  Therefore the more body fat you have, the more insulation you have.  That is not to say that the fatter you are the less you feel the cold; everybody on some level will feel cold, but, Generally speaking, the leaner you get, the less body fat you have, the more you will feel the cold.


With this in mind, the colder you are, the more body fat you will burn.  I have heard of several bodybuilders who will simply immerse themselves in a cold bath for 30mins to increase the amount of body fat they burn.  Keep in mind that we are talking extreme fat loss here - jumping into an ice cold bath is no substitute for not doing your cardio and eating right!


So, your body’s natural tendency is, in periods of colder temperatures, to store body fat to keep you warm.  Then during these colder months your natural tendency may be to do the same.  If that is the case then recognize it, and go with it!


If you are concerned about how this may make you feel, then be aware of what your body may be trying to do.  Compensate for the fact that your body may be operating a little differently.  This might include understanding what foods may trigger an increase in body fat with you and eat less of these foods, or simply do more activity!


Remember there is always two ways to look at any situation. During the colder times you could stand around complaining about the fact that you are cold or you could think about how you are simply melting away body fat!


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